Lauro Ruiz

Fund Manager, Co-Founder

Finance, aviation, and business have always been passions of California native, Lauro Ruiz. However, it was only recently that he realized the tremendous business potential of combining all three — which led to the formation of Aviation One Fund LLC.

As a 15-year real estate broker, based in Mesa, Arizona, Lauro attained a solid foundation in finance and business. During this period Lauro also worked in the mortgage industry and started his own telecom business, which is still in operation.

“Working in real estate both as a broker and on the mortgage side has been a great grounding not only in business but in building relationships,” Lauro says. “I got to see every kind of real estate investment opportunity and the tax advantages they provide in one of the country's most burgeoning and lucrative markets in Arizona. I also learned the importance of staying true to your word and always being someone investors could count on.”

While working in real estate Lauro, a married father of three boys, formed an innovative, patent awarded telecom business for ringless voicemail service. If that wasn't enough, Lauro also became a qualified private pilot and developed a deep interest in the aviation industry which led to the purchase of his first plane, a Mooney M20j. After talking to other professionals in the private plane business, Lauro realized what tremendous opportunities lay within aviation.

“In the last few years, forest fires have become a major issue on the west coast,” Lauro, says. “Having enough planes and pilots to address these is also a big problem. The more planes mean the better equipped we are to deal with them. Unfortunately, climate change is not going away anytime soon. That's why the charter aspect of my business caters specifically to forest fire contracts. It mixes my passion for aviation with doing something helpful to society and the environment, has government has allocated funds to it, and it's in high demand.”

The second component of Aviation One Fund LLC is its jet maintenance center, catering to jet and turboprop plane maintenance.

“There's been a tremendous upswing in business for private plane use,” Lauro says. Indeed, in 2021 the use of private jets and turboprops was up 40% over the previous year. At the same time, commercial airline schedules were down 40% over pre-pandemic averages. The increased use of charter planes and business decreases airport wait times. In an infection-conscious world, this is a safer, more hygienic form of travel. Successful stock and real estate markets have also increased the wealth of many Americans who can afford to fly privately for the first time, fueling the demand.

“The increased use of private planes means there's an increased need for plane maintenance,” Lauro, who is in the process of working on his commercial, multi- engine, and flight instructor ratings, says. “Probably one of the most satisfying aspects of Aviation One Fund LLC is that not only is it an extremely lucrative business proposition due to the demand of private and charter plane usage but it's helping communities stay safe. On top of that, the maintenance center is supplying jobs to them as well. It's a win win.”

Jonathan Walker

Fund Manager, Co-Founder

Jonathan is a Serial Entrepreneur and energetic leader with strong skills in business development, and strategic partnerships. He has more than 10 years' experience identifying investment and entrepreneurial opportunities, with a strong background in finance, real estate, telecommunications, and asset management.

Jonathan began his education at Arizona State University where he wrestled for Hall of Fame legend Leroy Smith. Later he learned about Finance early on in his career when helping grow Argent Mortgage from a relatively small 500 million per month operation, to a huge multi-billion dollar per month lending institution. After rising through the corporate ranks Jonathan began is entrepreneurial career in technology and telecommunications where he built several companies from scratch that yielded millions in annual profits before his exit.

Jonathan is an innovative businessman and skilled inventor earning several trademarks and a patent for development of ringless voicemail technology. Jonathan is a husband and father of 3 beautiful children who has given back to the community through outreach, job creation and philanthropy.

Shane Clawson

Fund Manager, Co-Founder

Mr. Clawson is a former Air Force, Vietnam era, Instructor Pilot with over fifty years of aviation and aviation management experience, including positions as Director of Operations, Chief Pilot, and Chief Instructor Pilot. With over 15,000 flight hours, Mr. Clawson holds an ATP, multiengine, commercial, instrument and Flight Instructor ratings for Land and Seaplane aircraft.

With experience in light, single engine aircraft to four-engine heavy jets, Mr. Clawson currently flies Air Attack missions over wild fires in support of the United States Forest Service.

Mr. Clawson holds a BA and MBA from Southern Illinois University, and numerous professional certifications in Wide Area, Local Area, and Cybersecurity.